History of the Polish Biometric Society – Part I


History of the Polish Biometric Society 1965-1969

The Society continued to develop consistently and successfully, in spite of some inopportune events. On 20 July 1965 Professor Jan Czekanowski - prominent anthropologist, PBS founding member and chairman of its Scientific Council - died in Szczecin. The chair of the Scientific Council was taken over by Halina Milicerowa, professor of anthropology at the College of Physical Education in Warsaw, with interests in applications of anthropology in sports and physical education. On September 17, 1965, Julian Perkal died in Wrocław aged 52. He was a founding member of the PBS, the first chairman of its Management Board, and editor of Biometrical Letters. The main idea behind his work was the practical application of mathematical methods in the study of biology in the broadest sense, and in this area he left behind a considerable scientific and organizational legacy. He was the real creator of the Society and the mainspring of its activity.

In 1966, starting from volume 12-15 of Biometrical Letters, there was a change to the journal's staff. The PBS Management Board appointed Stefan Zubrzycki editor and Jerzy Wawrzynek editorial secretary. The volume includes the first list of PBS members, supplements to which appear in volumes 16-18 (1967) and 23-25 (1969).

The next biometrical conference took place at the Anthropology Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences, at ul. Kuźnicza 35, Wrocław, on February 12-13, 1967. A total of 16 papers were delivered. On the second day of the conference the third General Meeting of members of the PBS was took place. This elected a new Management Board, composed of Adam Wanke (chairman), Stefan Zubrzycki (vice-chairman), Józef Łukaszewicz (secretary), Anna Waliszko (treasurer), Franciszek Szczotka and Jan Sekuła, as well as an Audit Committee consisting of Tadeusz Bogdanik, Wiktor Oktaba and Tadeusz Caliński. Three new members were also elected to the Scientific Council: Zygmunt Nawrocki, Mieczysław Warmus and Stefan Zubrzycki. Halina Milicerowa continued to chair the Council.

On February 12-13, 1968, the next PBS conference took place in Wrocław, where 10 papers were delivered. At the next conference, again held in Wrocław on June 10, 1969, there were 14 papers delivered.

On December 18, 1968, Professor Stefan Zubrzycki died in Wrocław at the age of 41. He was a founding member of the PBS and vice-chairman of its Management Board, as well as the editor of Biometrical Letters. On May 19, 1969, the Management Board elected Józef Łukaszewicz to the position of vice-chairman, and Franciszek Szczotka was appointed editor of the journal. The Management Board was joined by Zygmunt Welon, who also took over the role of editorial secretary.

Professor Mirosław Krzyśko
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